Helping out

There are many ways you can help me out so I can make more and more beautiful open music, and they do not necessarily involve money:

  • I can write a song for you or for your lover. Or a serenade to conquer her heart.
  • If you play any musical instrument I don’t or better than me, you can help by playing tracks for me or teaching me to play or play better. I am also looking for people to form a band gigging worldwide
  • If you can sing well, you are welcomed to sing my songs for me and I will help you with Italian pronunciation if you are not Italian
  • If you are a poet, I can set your work into music.
  • You can also help by donating me musical instruments (either new or used) and any studio equipment for music recording and production.
  • You can feed me, so I farm less and have more time for my music. But only organic food like that I grow, please 🙂
  • If everything else fails, you can donate a little on Paypal.
  • For (unlikely) big monetary donations please contact me.

If you have nothing to give but like my music, it’s okay too. But let me know, because that also spurs me to make more of it. I am especially glad when kids learn music and send me their recordings.