Hiroshima child: my own version is original

This poem has been set into music by many artists, including some big names. I did not know that. I made my version independently when I saw the poem for the first time. I have never listened to musical version of it before writing my own one. Therefore my version has nothing to do with yours, as it can be verified by listening and comparing.

If you wish to accuse me of plagiarism, be prepared to loose a lot of money, with you becoming poor and me rich (currently it is the opposite, I am awaiting for this change). My version is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 like all my music. I make open score music, while you make closed music. That’s the difference between you and me and the reason I dislike you. Shame on you! Since the score is available, you can compare each note with yours. I want to see how you can accuse me of having copied the C natural scale. No court will ever accept your accusation. On the contrary, if you violate my open license, I will take away everything from you, even your briefs.

And yes, I believe my version is the most beautiful one and dislike all the others, because like all great artists I am arrogant and egocentric. I don’t copy, not even from myself. I always create something new and more and more beautiful.

PS: So far no one has accused me of plagiarism (maybe just because I am not still famous?), but I wrote this rant to discourage anyone from even trying that. I would get very, very angry and nasty. You better do not do it lightly.