How to play “Call of the forest” on guitar

"Call of the forest" (Il richiamo della foresta)
music/musica (c) 2017 Farmboy (Antonio Bonifati)
distributed under the / distribuito con licenza CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

"Dedicated to the memory of the great Italian whistler
Alessandro Alessandroni"
-- Farmboy

mi |----|----|----|----|
la |----|----|----|----|

mi |----|----|----|----|
ti |----|----|----|----|
so |----|----|----|----|
mi |----|----|----|----|

so |----|----|----|----|
re |----|----|----|----|

This is the chord progression:

La- Mi- La- Mi-
So  Mi- So  Mi-
La- Mi- La- Mi-
La- Mi-

For each chord use something like this strum pattern:
(b = bass note (down picked), v = strum down, ^ = strum up)

b   v ^  ^ v (x2)

Only strum the strings below the bass note, although it won't sound
bad it you include the bass note too and play the full chord.

The last Mi- of the progression you can just strum down with all
6-strings to end. You hit the bass note whenever you feel there
should be a bass-drum beat. On La- the bass note is La (5th string
open), but you can also hit a Mi on on the 6th string, which is
easier to locate. Anyway, watch your hands and try to hit the real
bass note. It's not that difficult if you watch. If you also hit the
one or two strings below, it won't sound bad, since all chord notes
are in scale anyway. You choose, I tried to hit the bass note only.

You whistle the melody just like me or similarly.
Since this is easy to play, you can concentrate on whistling well.

Final sound effect "Nature / Forest Ambience"
courtesy of