How to play “Fiume Sarmento (River Sarmento)”

"Fiume Sarmento" (River Sarmento)
musica (c) 2016 Farmboy (Antonio Bonifati)
distribuito con licenza CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
music (c) 2016 Farmboy (Antonio Bonifati)
distributed under the license CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Key of D tin whistle plays melody
Classical guitar in standard tuning plays melody and bichords

       SI       MI      RE    LA
1. <Re Mi_  Sol Si_  La Sol_  Re_~
   RE      RE      SOL
Si La_  Si La_  Si Re_~

   MI      RE       SOL
Re Si_  La Sol_  La Re_~

      RE       SI       SI   SOL
2. Re Sol_  Fi Mi_  Sol Fi_  Mi_~
   SOL     SI      SOL
Mi Re_  Mi Fi_  Mi Re_~
    SI       RE      RE
Sol Fi_  Sol La_  Fi Sol_~ (*)

(*) This is how I play this last verse. You see I keep Fi fretted all
verse long (ring finger pressed) and use it as a reference and pivot

|---|---|---|i Sol

|---|3--|---|r Fi
|---|---|---|m Si

|---|---|---|i Sol

|---|---|4--|m Re
|---|2--|---|i La

|---|3--|---|r Fi

Finally, I just lift my middle finger (2):

|---|---|4--|m Re
|---|---|---|i Sol


Scale and intervals used for harmony:

  2  2  1   2  2  2  1
Re Mi Fi Sol La Si Di Re

interval	half-tones
Si - Mi         7 or 12-7=5
Sol - Re        7
La - Re         7
Sol - Mi        3 or 12-3=9
Si - Fi         5 or 12-5=7