How to play “I still love you (heartless girl)” on guitar

"I still love you (heartless girl)"
testi e musica (c) 2016 Farmboy (Antonio Bonifati)
lyrics and music (c) 2016 Farmboy (Antonio Bonifati)
distribuito con licenza CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
distributed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license
I wish to thank Jonathan Raines for his lyrics editing work.

NOTE: I call sol (g note or chord) so and si ti, because I use si for
sol# or g# and wish to have note names starting with different
consonants and all of the same length.

This is my first fully-strummed song, played with a pick and so a bit
different from my usual storyteller style, but the rhythm is still
irregular and fragmented as typical of my style. (I admit it) it makes
composition easier. I just express my feelings in music without having
to stick to a rigid metric. So, everybody can do it, included me :-)

These ups and downs of strumming I first chose without thinking,
playing the piece over and over until I liked it. Only afterwards
I wrote down the rhythm using this simple notation:

_=no stroke (omitted in lyrics part)
|=separator of rhythm patterns, just to make them easier to read

Note only chord changes are noted, meaning the same chord must be
played up and down until a change occurs. For brevity a strumming
pattern is left out if it is the same as in the above lines.

Remember down strokes are usually stronger than upstrokes and involve
all strings from the starting one to the bottom one, so they go well
with stressed notes. E.g. a So (G) chord upstroke may only hit the 4
bottom strings and not all 6 strings as a downstroke So. It's when you
miss the strings that you create the rhythm. I do not continue to strum
in vain during long pauses (between verses or in a verse). Some people
do that to keep time, but it just confuses me.

And yes, it is so difficult to write down the strokes and so easy to
just play the rhythm naturally together with the words, without
reading music. So feel free to interpret the song your own way too. I
do that as well. I do not always play it as in this score.
Doing this is the only way to develop the ability to invent strum
patterns on the go, while you sing. Believe me, it takes just a couple
of days of tries for you to become good at improvising guitar
strumming :-)

do re mi fa sol la si do re mi fa
  T  T  S  T   T  T  S  T  T  S
3-note chords:
do    mi    sol				Do
   re    fa     la			Re-
      mi    sol    si			Mi-
         fa     la    do		Fa NOT USED
            sol    si    re		So
                la    do    mi		La-
                   si    re    fa	Si dim NOT USED
4-note chords:
do    mi    sol    si			Do7
   re    fa     la    do		Re-7
      ... (NOT USED)

mi |----|----|----|
si |----|----|----| <-- this is "the 7th", a si (the note before do)
so |----|----|----|

   |do-1|----|----| <-- this is "the 7th", a do (the note before re)
re |----|----|----|

So (deeper version, after Re-)
so |----|----|----|
re |----|----|----|

So (alternate fingering, before Do or Do7)
si |----|----|----|
so |----|----|----|
re |----|----|----|


   Re-                 So
1. v _ | v ^ _ | ^ v | v _  | v ^ _ | ^ v

v _ | v ^ _ | ^ v ^ v _ | v ^ _ | ^ v


v _ | v ^ _ | ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ _

Re- (or Re-7 for a saddest effect)
v   v       ^    ^
So, you've  left me
So               Do (or Do7) 
v   v   ^     ^  v  ^     v  ^
and my world is  fa-lling a-part.
v    ^    v   ^   v
Your love was not real.

La-                       Mi-
v   ^ v     v   ^   ^     v
Yet I won't for-get you,  girl
La-                       Do
v    ^     ^     v  v     v
The  sweet taste of your  lips
that deep  sea   in your  eyes
the ri-ver of your  hair


Re- (or Re7)
v   v       ^    ^
So, I still love you
So               Do (or Do7)
v   v ^    ^     v   ^    ^    v
and I hope that  you will come back
v ^  ^     v
I am still here
La-                        Mi-
v    ^   ^   v   v   ^     v
I'll hug you ten-der-ly_a- gain
La-                       Do (or Do7)
v   ^    ^    v   v   ^   v 
and will kiss you for-ev- er.
Do                             La-
v    ^  v    v    ^    ^  v    v
I'll ca-ress your beau-ti-ful  hair
v   ^    v   v   ^    ^     v
and will gen-tly take your  hand


Re- (or Re-7)
v   v         ^
So, I'm still yours
So            Do (or Do7)
v   v   ^     v   ^     ^  v
and our love  can still be saved
v ^    ^   v      v    ^
I hope you change your mind
La-                    Mi-
v   v      ^     ^     v
You sweet, heart-less  girl
La-                  Do (or Do7)
v   ^    ^  v     v  v
you know we can't be friends
Do                       La-
v      ^      ^  v    v  v
you've thrown my love a- way
v   ^   ^ v    v   v
and now I feel so  sad


Same as CHORUS, just add this to the end:

^ v ^ v ^ v ^ _ | ^ v ^ _ _ | v