How to play “Jola, my love” on recorder

"Jola, my love"
testi e musica (c) 2016 Farmboy (Antonio Bonifati)
lyrics and music (c) 2016 Farmboy (Antonio Bonifati)
distribuito con licenza CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
distributed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license

"D" means to cover half backhole. When switching from a note with a
full-closed backhole to a half-closed backhole (e.g. from Do to Mi) it
is faster and easier to just rotate your left-hand thumb to uncover
about half of the backhole while placing the other fingers. Indeed, it
would be both time-consuming and difficult to lift your thumb and
place it so that only half of the backhole is covered. You should lift
your thumb from the back only to finger a note that required an open

Similarly just rotate your left-hand thumb to switch from a half-open
backhole to a fully closed one (e.g. from Mi to Sol).

Of course when switching from Re to Mi, you will have to place your
thumb so to cover about half backhole. Just put your thumb a bid aside
on the left and it will cover approximately half backhole. You should
feel that with your sense of touch.

Remember high notes require you to blow harder and suddenly on the
attack and that you better take advantages of longer pauses between
musical verses to breath in!

Sol La  Si  Si  Do  Re  Mi  
*   *   *   *   *   O   D   <-- backhole
*   *   *   o   O   O   *   
*   *   o   *   *   *   *   
*   O   o   *   O   O   *   
O   O   o   o   O   O   *   
O   O   o   o   O   O   *   
OO  OO  oo  oo  OO  OO  OO  
OO  OO  oo  oo  OO  OO  OO  

As you can see there are two positions for Si. Use the one that
minimizes finger movements. For this song, the left one is always

Score: same as for guitar, just play the melody.