How to play “Scarborough Fair” on guitar

"Scarborough Fair"
Traditional English ballad / Ballata inglese tradizionale
Authorless / Autore ignoto
Free interpretation by Antonio Bonifati aka Farmboy
Libera interpretazione di Antonio Bonifati alias Farmboy

Classical guitar in standard tuning.

Scale: Mi Fi Sol La Si Di Re Mi
         T  S   T  T  T  S  T

All keys used

Mi |---|---|---|
Si |---|Di-|Re-|
La |---|Si-|---|
Mi |---|Fi-|Sol|

Fingering: 1 (index) and 3 (ring) are not used
This works best for me, but your mileage may vary.

   |---|---|---| r
   |---|2--|4--| m
   |---|2--|---| i
   |---|2--|---| i
   |---|2--|4--| t

Start on the bass Mi, the lowest note, that is 6th string open.  Since
this is the lowest note, there is no Re before, so I just use this
same Mi for bass Re. Indeed it's the nearest note you can get. To
spice up the sequence of the last 3 Mi's you can pluck the second one
(the one that should be Re) with the side of your right-hand nail
while plucking the others with your finger pad, so that they sound
softer, which is what we want for the last note too.

<Mi_ Mi Si_ Si Si Fi Sol Fi Mi_

>Si_ Re >Mi_ <Re Re Di La Si_

>Mi Mi <Re <Si Si La Sol Fi Mi_

Mi_ Si La Sol Fi Mi_ Mi Mi_